We have always had a Consulting approach of transferring knowledge to our clients. We use training workshops whenever possible as part of this skills transfer. This has resulted in an extensive portfolio of workshop materials which we now offer directly.

We refer to these as workshops rather than training classes as our objective is to make these as interactive as possible to fully engage with participants. The topics we typically cover are leading edge evolving technologies. By their nature, no one person knows it all, so we are always keen to let all participants contribute. We have found that attendees learn more if they can be kept engaged in this manner.

We deliver these workshops using current practitioners who are industry experts rather than professional trainers. This ensures the workshops relate directly to real life problems and experience. The workshops split broadly into a number of categories that match our competencies:

  • Low Latency, covering the technologies and approaches used in eTrading environments
  • InfiniBand, this covers all aspects of using, designing and deploying this esoteric technology
  • Virtualization, Cloud computing and infrastructure optimization.
  • Product Selection, an approach to product selection that is more efficient and gets a better outcome than the traditional RFI/RFP approach.

Target Attendees

We have workshops developed for Network Engineers and Architects, Sys Admins and OS teams, Software developers and Operations teams.

Client Workshops

We run most of our workshops directly on client site, creating customized workshops tailored for specific interests and skills capabilities. This typically includes interactive sessions focused on specific problem area's or interests of the clients that would be too confidential to cover in an open session.

Hands-on Lab Workshops

These allow attendees to really get down to business. These have been most popular in the area's of InfiniBand diagnosability and management. These are typically run on client site or in a vendor lab.

Public Workshops

We occasional run public sessions but because we spend most of our time solving problems rather than talking about them, these are not as frequent as most people would like. Any scheduled classes will appear on this page. Contact us and register your interest since you may turn out to be the catalyst for us to run one.

Sponsored Workshops

To reduce the attendee cost of these workshops we often seek sponsors. Gold sponsors would be co-branded and would include some of their own, typically short marketing presentations. On these sponsored workshops it is a matter of achieving the best balance between high value content that will attract attendees, and the marketing pitches that save them from paying an attendee fee.

Work Shop Modules

The current list of workshop modules is available here. Talk to us if you have special requirements as we are always eager to develop new materials.