InfiniBand organizations

There are a number of different approaches to absolute time synchronization, a grandmaster clock is connected to one of the following and provides synchronization to the local devices using PPS, PTP or NTP.

InfiniBand Trade Association

Define the standard, currently at version 1.2 with 2400 pages of specification. They also agree and publish the roadmap.

Open Fabric Alliance

Develop the Open Fabric Reference Distributions (OFED) for Linux and Windows, which supports InfiniBand. The Linux implementation has been accepted by the Linux community and has been included in th kernel since 2.6.14.

They were formerly known as OpenIB but the change of name reflects the incorporation of iWARP and RoCEE into this implementation to allow use of the API's over Ethernet and to provide a single RDMA implementation for Linux

Incorpation of code into OFED requires a maintainer, these currently include Chelsio, Cisco, Ohio State Univ., Oracle, IBM, Intel, Mellanox, Neteffect, Qlogic and Voltaire. The components they maintain and the named individuals are listed on the OFED site.


We offer a range of workshops and training to help organizations design and deploy InfiniBand based solutions, particularly to meet the specialized needs of Financial Services clients. These include an extensive range to help organizations deign, deploy and diagnose InfiniBand systems so they can reliably run in a FS environment.